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A new version of ASP Express is Ready to go - - -
Jam-packed with great new features to make your ASP life much easier! - once your shareware fee is paid, an email will be sent with the address to download it straight to your desktop! It's available in a private 'Registered Owners' area.

New ---> On top of that - Charles Carroll of ActiveServerpages.Com has allowed me to include ALL of the sample scripts on his Tutorials web site in the download for all Fully Registered Users !

New ---> Along with that, I have expanded on a script from his site that will give you a page that lists all the Hits to your web pages for those people who use Front Page Hit Counters. That way, you can use invisible hit counters and still be able to easily see all your hits in just a few strokes or clicks!

New ---> Plus - two files (form and action script) that make up the working example for the CDO Tutorial I have on this site explaining how to send Form Results in an Email message.

Plus - I have started posting time-saving functions and other snippets which can be used in ASP and/or copied to the Code Librarian (new feature in the registered version) for use at any time

Well -- What are you waiting for???
You can't beat this - this is a great editor for a really reasonable price

For that fee, you automatically receive all the upgrades above, plus all of Charles Carroll's scripts from and other great downloads.
I DO want you to know that I'm NOT going to nickel & dime you to death, either. Some shareware publishers charge you $5 or $10 every time they upgrade....NOT US! All upgrades between the major upgrades (1.3, 1.4, 1.5, etc) - are yours for free. I'll email everyone who has purchased ASP Express & let them know where they can download the newest version.

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