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 Author Thread: Startup Error
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Startup Error
Posted: 01 Nov 2004 04:40 AM

When starting my copy of ASP Express I currently receive the following error message.

Run Time Error '-2147467259 (80004005)'
Automation Error
Unspecified Error

The program then ends.

IIS is installed and is switched on, and the product has previously worked well.

Can anyone please advise as to how I can overcome this error.
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Re: Startup Error
Posted: 02 Nov 2004 01:06 PM
I believe I replied to your direct email - - however, just in case you didn't get it:

"I haven't seen that one before - - one thing to do is to remove the UserChanges.chg file in your AsPExpress directory.
What programs have you added recently? It could be that one or more of the DLLs that ASP Express uses has been overwritten.

Which brings up the possibility that ASP Express could need to be re-installed. BE SURE (if you decide to reinstall) to backup your .aop file and your procedures.mdb file. Then, un-install first - before you reinstall."

Also - check your system - search for actbar2.ocx - see if it's registered on your computer in multiple places. There have been two known instances of this causing a problem. This ocx is used by ASP Express, and may have been installed by another product, before you installed ASP Express -

if you do find multiple instances - send an email to and include as much information as possible.

David Wier
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