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 Author Thread: Recommended Steps BEFORE Installation
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Recommended Steps BEFORE Installation
Posted: 29 Dec 2004 11:03 AM
1. If you have a current version of ASP Express installed
Backup the files in the ASP Directory to keep your .mdb file (Code Librarian snippets) and your .aop file (FTP Profiles)***
Run uninstall program
Make sure ASP Express directory is fully deleted
2. Delete all .tmp files from the Windows (or WinNt) directory
3. Delete all files from your Windows\Temp Directory (or TEMP for WinNt, or Documents and Settings/Yourusername/Localsettings/Temp directory for Win2k).
4. If you have Norton Utilities - run WinDoctor or chkdsk /f on your Hard Drive, to make sure it's in the best shape....
5. Get latest updates from Microsoft for your operating system
6. Temporarily turn off your virus protection while doing any Windows Installation
7. Check your system for 'actbar2.ocx'. This is an ocx that is used in ASP Express, that has been known to cause problems when there are two or more locations registered on the same computer. (If you do experience any problems and actbar2.ocx exists in more than one location, please email with the details)

Also - remember the latest version of MDAC should be installed before installation, for any database interactivity functions

*** Note:Make Sure that when you back up your ASP Express folder (which includes your Procedures.mdb file and your ASPExpress_Y0077.tt02.aop file, to remove any Read-Only attributes on the folder or any of the files when you transfer them to the new installation.
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