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Posted: 01 Jul 2005 10:22 AM
Bug fix:
crash when opening certain dialog boxes with msg concerning 'RichText32.ocx"

Bug fix:
removed WordWrap menu item (caused crash)

Error msg when Class toolbar loaded classes. when multiple files were loaded at one time.
Workspace/Project and Local Files tab didn't update file list properly when files were saved/deleted, sometimes causing errors.
Error when using Table Assistant and using a border
Rename/Delete/Refresh to right click in file section of Workspace/Project Tab
Width to Table Assistant

4.1 (requires Re-install - save .aop file, .mdb file - delete entire directory, if it still exists)
Database Solution Generator
Table Profiles (Preferences - save multiple Table Profiles - Available in Table Assistant and Database Solution Generator)
Data Server Connections are saved to registry, available each time program runs.
Periodic problem with viewing ASP or ASP.Net files, which would sometimes prompt for the default browser.
A few lingering coloring problems, not color coding correctly.
Problem with Definition menu Item, finding Functions and selecting correctly.

Table formatting problems using Form Assistant
(DotNet Edition only) Open and Save Dialogs - ASP.Net and ASP are now separate lines in the file type list in order to lessen filename confusion during Saves.
Insert dialog box not retaining database settings from ADO Connection Assistant
Problem with retrieving Web Config Appsettings with the 'Connect to Database' dialog.
Problem with bad table formatting, using the Table Assistant and ASP.Net output
Problem with Workspace file area flickering during Saves
Problemth at caused Font Format Assistant to crash while loading in some circumstances.
Problem Select SQL string formatting in ADO Connection/SQL Assistants
Check for files already open, when opening new files
Made Docked windows, as well as FTP dialog, available when no files are open
Web.Config file, as an option in File/New

ASP Delete/Edit/Listing code generation
'Connect to Database' dialog - added 'Connect' button, instead of trying to auto-connect when focus was lost.
Right-Click menu item on Open File Tabs - 'Close Active File'

Fixed bug in DotNet code generated by Solution Generator that caused listing page to crash during boot process.

Fixed problem that would cause cursor position to go to the top of the page, when switching back and forth between open files.
Fixed tab order on Select List/DropdownList generator Assistant

Version 5.0
Added ASP.Net v2 capabilities/controls
Expanded FTP capabilities
Fixed Forms Assistant Insert Form problem causing Insert Statement not to be generated.
Fixed double quotes not rendering in Email Assistant, for some fields
Miscellaneous small bug fixes
Added DetailsView/GridView/Wizard/DataSource assistants, along with new additions to the code blocks toolbar (Bind/Eval/ConnectionString)
Added several new functions to the context menu for ASP.Net in the DataServer Window
Added more 'look and feel' choices to the Preferences, including the Express Toolbox and the overall look and feel
Now - Only one compilation - includes ASP.Net 2.0, Classic ASP and HTML

5.0 Build 240
The DotNet toolbars, if removed were not saved as 'removed', so that the layout manager would still reload the toolbars each time ASP Express started.
Web Safe Colors, if chosen globally, would not work when choosing bg colors for StyleSheet, and could cause a crash
Changed deprecated CDONTS in Email Assistant to CDOSys
Added FileUpload Assistant

Replace all did not replace items above where cursor was - repeated replace was necessary
In Remote files tab, with no FTP sites listed, not able to add new site.
DataList tag in Express Toolbox Tags section was missing a closing bracket
Selecting the word from the cursor fails, if the cursor is off the length of the focused line
Finding words may fail, if F3 is pressed and the position of the cursor is greater than length of the current line
Better Vista stability with current IDE control

Removed menu item for Upper-casing HTML tags
Added generic Javascript Alert to Javascript menus
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