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Create an Insert Page for a Database
  1. Bring up your Form that gathers the user's data
  2. Press Ctrl-G to 'Grab' all the form field names
  3. On your action/response page, press Ctrl-Q to bring up the Request Dialong
  4. Click the Auto-Create Variables button
  5. Press F2 to Bring up the ADO connection Assistant
  6. Click 'Insert' to bring up the SQL Statement Builder Assistant to create your Insert SQL statement
  7. Your variables should be on the right side - choose the correct table, if not already chosen. If already chosen, all the field names should already be on the left - check to make sure they match, then press 'Enter'
  8. Click 'Apply'
  9. Now, all you need to do is insert the text to display telling the user that his record has been inserted, along with any error trapping you'd like to include
  10. You're finished
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