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Great New Features:

    A Few New Features:
  • Database Solution Generator - Listing/Add/Update/Delete - all in one easy assistant!
    Check out more details, straight from the help file
  • Table Profiles (Preferences - save multiple Table Profiles - Available in Table Assistant and Database Solution Generator)
  • Data Server Connections are saved to registry, available each time program runs.
  • (Click here for ScreenShots) Added:

  • Horizontal Splitter to display area
  • Bookmark support
  • Project/Workspace support - ability to assign Project titles to subdirectories
  • Ability to change Tab Length
  • Multiple Coloring Schemes (Classic ASPExpress/New ASPExpress)
  • StyleSheet Assistant widely expanded - many more new features.
  • Classes Toolbar - scans page for CSS classes and lists for use on page.
  • Print Preview
  • Line Numbers (gutter display)
  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • Text textbox to Email Assistant
  • Save ConnectionString to Web.Config for ASP.Net (from DataServer)
  • Copy ConnectionString to Clipboard for ASP.Net (from DataServer)
  • Ability to type in any IP address in the DataBase Connection Dialog (for SQL Server) - - then, when tabbed out, it uses the uid & pwd to populate the Databases dropdown
  • 'HasRows' to DataReader (ASP.Net only)
  • 'Paste' and 'Close Active File' to right-click context menu on active page ('Paste' to menu, with text highlighted and 'Close Active File' when no text is highlighted.
  • Section to Status Bar and tooltip to Source/Preview Tab area - to show full path of Active file.
  • More File manipulation in Local Files tab of Express Toolbox (Rename File, Create New Directory/Delete Directory), along with confirmation for deleting file.
  • Try/Catch, & Trace.Write/Warn sections to ASP.Net Insert node in Tag section
  • Views to SQL connections in DataServer Window (when viewing data for Views or Data, only TOP 1000 are viewed)
  • Numeric and Alpha-Numeric Regular Expressions in the Validator dialog box.
  • Section in Preferences to add a Line Feed after BR and P HTML tags (or NOT)
  • Save Custom Regular Expressions in the Validator Assistant


  • Faster, Native Auto-Coloring-no extra time for pages to color
  • Faster Go-To Line Number Assistant
  • Email Form (F4) - if email addresses (To/CC/BCC/From) do not have an @ sign - - it will be considered a variable. Also added variable checkbox for Subject
  • When Stored Procedures are viewed, it's now as a 'Child' form, and the Find dialog can work in it
  • DataServer - now, right click selects item just as a left mouse click does.
  • The Data tab of the DataGrid and DataList Assistants now allow full typing of Servername and database to search available servers.
  • Added alternating ASC/DESC to sorting of DataGrid (ASP.Net)
  • Changed TABLE, TR and TD HTML tags so that they did not add any tabs or line feeds when inserting
  • Changed the 'Publish' dialog (to FTP dialog) to have more features, and easier to use, FTP wise.
  • Cleaned up toolbars-moved some items to more logical toolbars
  • (ASP.Net) Connection dialog now can retrieve connection info from Web.config

3.0 New Features:
You asked for it - you got it --
Expanded Express Menus
Tag Insight & Code Completion for HTML,
ASP and ASP.Net

New Data Window
Easier Result Sets
Easier Response.Writes
Commonly used Connections at your fingertips
SQL Server and MS Access (OleDb)
ASP and ASP.Net
Windows Authentication

Great New Look and Feel

More ASP.Net Toolbars

More ASP.Net Assistants

More Object Variable Definitions

CDO Assistant - Now Email Assistant
ASP and ASP.Net

Express Code Window
Now in its own separate window

ASP Express Screen Shots

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