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ASP Express
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It's an ASP Editor! -- --
No -- It's an ASP.Net Editor -
No - it's an HTML Editor.
Well - It's All of the above!!

At Last - an editor that doesn't make you choose between all the worlds that everyone knows are so close together.

Current Version : 5.0
Check out the newest features/Screenshots
Requirements: IE (at least v.5)256 mb Ram/25mb HD space/Video w/at least 256 colors)
SQL Server Tools (Enterprise Manager/Client Network Utility) only for accessing SQL Servers directly

(see more Features/ScreenShots than what are listed below!)

ASP Express allows you the extreme flexibility of an HTML text editor, while giving you the automation of a great ASP and ASP.Net text editor. Just look at some of the features:
ASP Features:
Basic Structures, like:

ADO Connection Assistant
Here's one of the best ASP or ASP.Net additions to hit an editor in a long time.
Automatically insert all the information for an ADO Connection with very little work at all. Just insert your variable names for Connection, Recordset, DSN & SQL Select & Insert Statements. Then - for the best part of all - the SQL Select & Insert Statement Assistants - use your local database copy to easily assemble your SQL Select or Insert Statements!

SQL Builder Assistant
(works with MS Access AND SQL Server 7/2000)
Create complex SQL statements to use with your ADO connection - both SELECT (including Inner Join) & INSERT statements. All your tables & fields are automatically accessible from pull-down menus, along with all the variable names you created on the page!
Once you've done these short steps, voila - your ADO connection and your basic SQL statement is inserted and you didn't even break a sweat!
(For direct SQL Server utilization, SQL tools must be installed on your development computer, like Enterprise Mgr/Client Network Utility)
You can even choose to automatically insert the output in an HTML table or a Select List if you want!

Email Asstant
Easily create an ASP document using CDO to do your email jobs

Choose your MS Access or SQL Server 7/200 database and table - ASP Express automatically generates the HTML for the input form!
Choose between regular form format, or ASP.Net format!

The Express Toolbox
One tab lists all your commonly used ASP, ASP.Net VBScript , Javascript, & HTML tags and Assistants; one tab allows you to have a listing of your local files, and one tab allows for opening and saving your files web site files directly from the File Server using FTP

DataServer Window
Keep your data connections handy during ASP Express sessions - easily see which tables/fields are in the database and much more!

Greatly Improved FTP Capabilites - now FTP'ing of files is easier than ever!

Express Menus
Auto/Pop-up Completion for common ASP syntax such as Response, Request, & Server. Soon - even more (Connection, Recordset, FilesystemObject)

Global ASA Template creation
Simple Key Strokes for opening & closing ASP script
Code Librarian stocked with many code snippets - allows you to build your own often-used code snippet library!

ASP Hit Counter Assistant

Make any HTML tag phrase 'Response.Write' - ready - highlight and convert your HTML into a Response.Write statement!
Go To Line Number Feature
Turn WordWrapping on or off as needed .
A 'REQUEST' Assistant for easily adding Request.Form & Request.QueryString Variables & Form Field Text Box Input Names, along with Server Variables in a pull down list!

An Easy RESPONSE Assistant for easily adding Response.Write statements!

Seamlessly add include statements, browsing for the files

Easily Drag & Drop between ASP Express & other applications

When you format your HTML text - it stays highlighted to more easily add other HTML formatting or links to existing text

Easily create an HTML Table from Excel or Access data pasted into ASP Express - with a simple double-click!

Full Search & Replace within open documents or even entire subdirectories!

Yes! There's even MORE!!!
Here's a list of the HTML editing features:
Built in StyleSheet Editor
Insert links to external StyleSheets or create the framework for your own internal Stylesheet
Color codes all HTML tags
Cleans up html files which come from other file systems (Unix, Mac).
JavaScript support (Script, function, & event handler shells), and Nav Bar Generator, as well as CSS support
Convert International Characters to HTML and back in a snap!
META tag Assistant - Complete all your Meta Tags in one step!

Many 'Assistants', to automate the most laborious HTML chores, like --
TABLE - Not only can you easily create a table, but you can convert on screen, tab-delimited data into a table automatically!
Imagine - setting up Frames or Tables in seconds!

ASP Express saves and opens files in .ASP, .ASA, .map, .css, .htm, .html & .txt formats. It has an internal viewer that works if MSIE 4.0 or above is installed, otherwise, it calls up your operating system's default browser to view it.

Anchors are easily insertable in either Visible or Invisible mode

When using the LINKS Assistant, a list of internal Named Anchors is Automatically   put in a pulldown menu for easy coding!

Shareware Information
Here we have two 'editions' of ASP Express. One is the Standard Edition, with full ASP and HTML functionality, and the other is the DotNet Edition, with full ASP, HTML and ASP.Net functionality.

Choose whichever one you want and download today!

We're always out to make a better product and we've already added a few features which were suggested to me on line. If you have something that you think should be included in the program - TELL US! We're not like some other huge software publishers - we listen!

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