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Highlights of ASP Express
The question is not 'Why should I buy it?' -- it's 'Why NOT!?' - Just LOOK at all these features!
SQL Server 7.0/2000 and Access Database - Direct Code Integration
Express Menus - Tag Insight and Auto-Completion (sometimes called 'Intellisense') - for HTML, Classic ASP AND VB.Net/ASP.net!
'Express Toolbox'
Allows you to constantly have a local file list open from which to choose & open files,
FTP Services Built In Easily Open your files directly from your web site and Send your files back to the Server quickly!
Also - a Treeview with ASP, ASP.Net, HTML, Javascript, VBScript, PHP and User Defined Tags, easily accessible - just a click away.

Data Server Window - easily glance at database fields/create queries easily
Code Librarian - Save your often used code for ease & re-use
Easily convert your HTML tags & tag sequences (even with double-quotes) to Response.write statements

Form Creation Assistant
Step 1 - Takes you from start to finish, with form field types in a pull down box - you just fill in Labels, Names and Values.
Step 2 - Then - once the form is created - and you want to go to your 'Response/Action' ASP document, ASP Express 'grabs' all the form field names you've created & puts them in memory.
Step 3 - Once in the response page - you can either use the pull down box filled with the form field names to create Variables, including compensation for the single quote/apostrophe, OR, You can push one button to automatically create variables for all the form field names!
In DotNet - your Insert Sub is automatically generated for you!

ADO Connection Assistant
Step 1 - Choose DSN (Classic) or DSN-less connection
Step 2 - Choose Database - Fields and tables automatically fill SQL Builder drop down boxes
Step 3 - Choose Select (or Insert) Statement - Wizard like walk through of your Select Statement choices - including Inner Joins Step 4 - Choose whether your output on the page is an HTML Table or a Select List in a form.
SQL Statement Assistant - painlessly create fairly complex SQL statements - Select (using Where, Order by and Inner Joins) and Insert Statements
Treeview of Database Structure with SQL Builder dialog to see how the database is laid out in order to more easily build your SQL statements

Email Connection Assistant (Classic or DotNet)
- includes options for attaching files & CDOVBS.inc (Classic ASP) for HTML formatting of output

ASP Objects Assistant - Open & Close Statments Dialog

User Defined Tag Section - easily create your own often-used tag sequences. It can be used for any HTML or XML tag combinations

Browse for Include Files (or, in DotNet - User Controls)
- insert Include Files automatically!

ASP Page Hit Counter
- open an ASP document, create a counter page and automatically insertt code for a counting page hits (including optino for Session sensitivity)!

Basic StyleSheet Creator
- Embed within existing file or save to external file & link to it automatically!

Convert All or Selected International Characters
- to HTML format - and vice versa!

Comprehensive Meta Tag Assistant - easily create all the Meta Tags for your page at one time

Replace Assistant - Create complex VBScript Replace statements with little work at all!

Automatically create tables from Tab-delimited Text!

Easily convert HTML Open & Close Tags for HTML output
All Highlighted Code stays Highlighted for multiple formatting options
Go To Line Number Option

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