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Current Version : 5.1
(if you have a version before 5.0 - completely uninstall it first, before installing 5.1 )
Before you download ASP Express, please allow me a few extra seconds and fill in the form below.
This page is neither a Registration, nor a purchase of ASP Express.
For pricing information, click here.

Purchasing is now done directly through the application. Just run ASP Express, and click the 'Buy Full Version' button on the Reminder screen.

This is merely a way for me to track downloads and be able to contact those who don't mind being contacted, concerning ASP Express (updates, etc) in the future....in the history of ASP Express, there has been only one mass mail-out....you will not be harrassed in any way, shape or form.

Download Links are below the form.
Filling out the form is not necessary to download the trial version.

Here are the recommended steps, before installation:

  1. If you have a current version of ASP Express installed
    • Backup the files in the ASP Directory to keep your .mdb file (Code Librarian snippets) and your .aop file (FTP Profiles)
    • Run uninstall program
    • Make sure ASP Express directory is fully deleted
  2. Delete all .tmp files from the Windows (or WinNt) directory
  3. Delete all files from your Windows\Temp Directory (or TEMP for WinNt, or Documents and Settings/Yourusername/Localsettings/Temp directory for Win2k).
  4. If you have Norton Utilities - run WinDoctor or chkdsk /f on your Hard Drive, to make sure it's in the best shape....
  5. Get latest updates from Microsoft for your operating system
  6. If you want to get the great direct-access SQL Server benefits of ASP Experss, you must have either SQL Server, SQL Server Tools, or SQLDMO installed. If you have none of these, make sure you check out this FAQ on how to get SQLDMO installed.

Note:  Be assured that your data will not be used for anything but tracking downloads of ASP Express and/or very limited update emails
We will never give out or sell this data to anyone or any company.
Those who do not wish to be contacted for any reason in the future will not be contacted.

5.1 - Full Featureset - Expires in 45 days
Full 5.0 Installation Package

Download 5.1 Upgrade Installation package
(Be sure to backup your entire ASP Express folder first, before installing upgrade!

See Version Changes

Critical: (If you have an earlier version of ASP Express, be sure to backup your procedures.mdb file, and your .aop file, delete your userchanges.chg file, and uninstall the old BEFORE installing the new version)
AND - VERY IMPORTANT - - completely DELETE the old ASP Express Directory after un-installing!

Click here for the HTML Reference download. Download the EXE file. Then, once ASP Express is installed, double-click on the HTMLref.exe file you downloaded. It will ask you for a folder - browse to the Program files/ASP Express folder. This will place a directory there called htmlref. Then you can use the HTML4 reference link in the Help Pull down menu

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